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WHERE DO I REGISTER FOR FALL REC LEAGUE SOCCER?  You can follow multiple links on the home page of this site.  If you do not see a registration link, then the new year registration is likely not yet open.  Registration occurs in the first part of April typically.

DO I NEED TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT ON GOTSPORT TO REGISTER? YES! GotSport is the site where all registration and team management happens for out league.  Our site will direct you there for items hosted on the GotSport system.

  Teams are drafted at the end of July.  Coaches will contact players usually within a week of draft with all team info. However, it is solely dependent on the coach as this is during summer, and vacations sometimes conflict. It is not unusual to hear from a coach as late as mid-August when practices are first starting. 

 WHEN DO PRACTICES BEGIN?  Practices begin mid August, although this is dependent on the coach.  Fields open mid-August, and coaches will begin practice when they choose. 

 HOW OFTEN ARE PRACTICES?  Teams typically practice 1-2 times per week.  The younger teams sometimes drop down to 1 practice a week after school resumes.  Coaches are encouraged to hold practice at least 2 times per week for the older divisions (U8 and up).  

 WHERE ARE PRACTICES? Practices are held at Valley Center Elementary, Valley Center Middle School, Cole Grade Park, and sometimes Valley Center Primary School.  

 WHAT EQUIPMENT DOES MY CHILD NEED?  Shin guards, cleats, and a water bottle.  A ball is recommended, but not required as each coach does receive team equipment.  Coaches are given a few balls for each team, cones, and a first aid kit.  If a ball is required for each child for a specific drill, there will not be enough, which is why we ask that you bring a ball if you have one.  With your registration fee, your child will receive a game jersey, game shorts, game socks, league photo package, and a trophy or medal.  

 WHEN DO GAMES BEGIN AND END? Games are on Saturdays and begin the beginning of September and run through the end of November.  This includes a mid-season tournament.  Schedules will vary from week to week.

 WHERE ARE GAMES PLAYED? Games are played at the Valley Center Elementary School, Cole Grade Park, and Valley Center Middle School.  

 CAN MY KIDS BE ON THE SAME TEAM AS THEIR FRIENDS? If they are drafted to the same team as their friends, then yes they can be.  However, the draft is set up to equalize the teams as best we can.  You can leave a request, but it will not be guaranteed.

 DOES MY CHILD NEED TO BE EVALUATED? No, recreational players are drafted based on experience and age.  Our goal within recreational soccer is for them to have fun, learn new skills, and have FUN.  If you are looking for a more competitive experience, we have many competitive club teams as well.  Hurricane tryouts for youngers are in January and April for the olders.  If you are interested, please contact Armando (Ish) Gutierrez at [email protected]

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